We are Live!

Engineerverse, for those that are confused, means Engineer Universe. There was not a lot of domain names to go with, but I kinda liked the corny one ‘EngineerYouKnowVerse.com’. That of course seemed to school kid style, but maybe someday if this site rocks the net the I will get it for the fun of it. I have a break down of the great things being done to this site. First and for most, it is about you. How can this site leave an lasting impact on the engineers of the future, past, and today.

Starting off the site will cover the most popular topics in the engineer universe. Engineer in my mental reference is not someone with a degree per say. To me an engineer is someone that is inspired to solve problems by designing solutions. But, a degree is good too. Next on the engineerverse menu is going to be the Job listings. Every engineer needs a job. Why would you go to indeed.com to search only local jobs, why not come to engineerverse to search the entire universe for you next gig.

The first two dishes are fine and dandy but the real course is going to be the Projects, Knowledge, and Resources Pages. These are going to be so full of exciting content that the world will never be the same.

I will probably delete this post, and hide it in my site for a future present to someone curious enough to find it, but until then bon appitette!




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