5 Uses for Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or Google Glass You Didn’t Think of

The new possibilities presented to us are endless. The way that we interact with our environment may change beyond recognition. With the onset of [Oculus Rift] and [Google Cardboard, virtual reality is starting to become mainstream. The more people with creativity that join the newest technology movement, the more it will seem like a revolution of paradigms. Moreover, I have come up with a list of my own that will twist the way you imagine the future. Continue reading for 5 uses for Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift that you never thought of.

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1. Augmented Reality

Most people would read the headline and say “what evz, I heard of that”, well you might be mistaken. What I am trying to encapsulate in this idea is not the typical augmented reality. I envision an augmented reality on the cheap, using google cardboard as a method. Use the camera on the phone to display what you would typically see without the camera. Now imagine if an app developer created an overlay where you could interact with virtual objects in reality. Look up and see a list of to-dos, anytime anywhere.

The real exciting stuff starts to happen when you use augmented reality to obtain stuff you can’t afford in reality. Imagine you live in a crummy apartment with grease stains on the counter, fading walls, cracked ceiling. Now, imagine what it would be like to see an overlay of the same scenario, but with granite counter-tops, back splash, coffered ceilings. This is just a start to the type of changes you could experience without subjection to modern methods to obtain them. Think outside the circle!

2. Surgery

Using the Augmented Reality idea from above, imagine a doctor that can utilize a x-ray overlay on a patient seen through the camera. The doctor needs to avoid the main artery of the leg surgury, to avoid profuse hermaging. So, he uses the augmented reality MRI overlay of the leg to see with precision. This would require a lot of safety related protection and exactness, but is highly do-able.

3. Live Solver

This idea appeals to the smart but lazy side of people. I picture viewing the world and activating a calculation mode in the device. The mode will overlay angle calculations, trajectories, quantities, risks, alternate actions, the best action for success, and above all the ability to look at a test question and use a form of text recognition to highlight the correct answer. Honestly, the realm of augmented reality will probably jump of the high dive when contacts incorporate augmentation. Btw, that tech is already started see it here.

4. Augmented Assistant

When this idea hit me I got silly excited. I image a virtual person programmed with AI following me around throughout my day. Of course, I am the only person that can see it. It can literally do anything I ask it. “Show me a picture from my wedding”. Then a picture pops up in my eyes. This idea is endless. tell it to render a 3-d model of the object I am looking at. Really, if you haven’t noticed, this idea is kind of the same as the last one. The difference is this one grants you a person to talk to and interact with, boosting communication skills, and sort of an interface with the device.

5. Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are engaging and a socially stimulating activity. I could see an app-game installed on your phone and a friends. When synced to play a game, only those to people can see the augmented game overlay. Playing catch with someone across the room, when no one else can see it unless they have the app synced. A way to play games and experience things in reality that can’t be done, yet. An example of that is each person could be having a holographic paintball gun fight, right in there living room. Boom! Sorry for my theatrics, I get excited about technology.


Essentially, all of the ideas I came up with that most people would not have thought of dealt with an augmented reality component. Until I put my mind to it, I didn’t realize that this something that could change everything about the way we live, but that it is actually possible.

The only difference between what I imagine in reality is the bulkiness of the device. Yes, one could use their phone to get the job done. But, I want to experience this type if augmented reality all the time I am awake. I want to drive down the road and have my overlay tint automatically to the sunlight. I want to see an assessment of risk determined for actions made by other drivers. I want to see cars highlighted that are for people that I know.

The issues of technological limitation can be solved by simply interacting with virtual objects overlayed in reality. We call this augmented reality. If you are like me, then you would be thinking right now, “this is going to be epic”. “Maybe I should make this happen, be the next Steve Jobs.” Who knows, maybe I inspired myself enough to at least design it in my head. My hope is you are inspired too. I mean something this cool, I don’t care who makes it, I just want it.

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